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Top 5 Destination Weddings Location – Radiance Events

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Destination wedding in Thailand

Thailand is a land of beauty, natural wonders, great food, and hospitality, making it a perfect place for a destination wedding. This land of smiles also has an enchanting climate where it is warm all year round, suitable for all wedding styles, It’s never really a bad time to have a wedding in Thailand. This stunning destination is warm and cozy every time with stunning beaches, exciting activities, and world-class services. Here you can get the best destination wedding venue. Here all venues are riverfront facing. Also, your guests can visit many grand places, visit Thai massages, and so much more in their free time. Thailand also provides many facilities for adventure-loving people such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and much more. If you don’t want your wedding to be in an Indian traditional way then you can go for customs of Thailand. One fact that not many people are aware of is that Thailand is the tropical destination, for couples who like swimming and the ocean, this is the best place to get married.

Destination wedding in Jaipur

Destination weddings are a trend that has been followed for a long time now. Known as “Pink City of India”, Jaipur is a destination that everyone wants to visit. The beauty of this city is so royal and charming that one can get mesmerized by its charm pretty easily. Jaipur is the land of kings and queens and for those who believe in “Raja-Rani ki Kahaniyan” Jaipur is the perfect place to get married. From tradition to food everything is taken care of here. Weddings in Jaipur will make your guests feel royal. Jaipur is a well connected city with airports, roadways and railways that makes it easy for your guests to reach the wedding venue. It is also a major tourist attraction and your guests can have a great vacation too. Their hospitality will make you feel welcomed and comfortable like home. People here greet you with “Ram Ram Sa” which is enough to make your day. Coming to bridal outfits Jaipur has leading designers and boutiques to fall for and makeup artists here have good idea of wedding themes and personal choices. We can assure you that all of your guests will leave this place with loads of memories hoping to see the place again.

Destination wedding in Udaipur

Tying the knot with your significant other is undoubtedly the most important moment of your life and there is no better way to make this moment more memorable by capturing it in one of the royal places of Udaipur. There are many beautiful places in India but Udaipur has its own charm when it comes to a destination wedding. The best months to visit and have your wedding in Udaipur are between September to March when the climate is pleasantly cool and the temperature remains comfortable.  Radiance Events will help you choose from a huge selection of breathtaking venues that are sure to fulfill the wishes of every couple. There are various luxury as well as pocket friendly venue options in Udaipur. There are multiple indoor and outdoor venue options that are ideal for hosting a ravishing gathering. Udaipur is the ultimate and exclusive choice for destination weddings. The ambiance and aesthetic beauty of all the venues is just incredible.

Destination wedding in Goa

Having destination weddings is becoming more and more popular among people these days and one thing about weddings that everyone can agree is that everyone wants to make their wedding as memorable and as grand as they possibly can. This is one of the reasons why holding the ceremony at a special place like a wedding in Goa is on almost every bride and groom’s list. Goa is one of the handpicked destinations around the world. You can plan a beach wedding, an island wedding and much more. When it comes to a Goa wedding, you can have all that you need for planning your exotic wedding. Goa has always been popular for its beaches, seafood and is considered as one of the major tourist destinations in India. Goa is gaining popularity as a perfect wedding destination for a beach style or intimate wedding celebrations. Goa is a mixture of Indian and portuguese culture and a true paradise on earth, especially South Goa. Imagine you saying your wedding vows amidst heavenly beauty, making your special day unforgettable for one and all. Goa has something for everyone, it offers tons of activities for your guests from flyboarding to scuba diving, snorkelling to sightseeing, sunbathing to beach side leisure walking.

Destination wedding in Kerala

Kerala, a South Indian state is most commonly known as the “God’s own country”. Kerala is one of the most popular  destinations for weddings not only nationally but internationally. If you are looking for an extraordinary stunning wedding, it is the place for you, undoubtedly. Kerala offers almost every kind of cuisine but the local meal has its own charm that no one can deny. Kerala is famous for its food which is cooked with coconut, rice and locally prepared herbs and spices. The best time for hosting a wedding in kerala is from October to March, however, the weather here is pleasant all year around. Elephants which have been an Indian icon and a dream for many to have their presence in wedding. Folk dancers would amaze you with live performances while South Indian and International cuisine would add up to a memorable wedding. Experiencing the traditional culture of kerala will also bring a unique flavour to your wedding.

 Why choose us

Radiance Events is one of the best and trusted wedding planners in Lucknow and other cities like Delhi, Banaras, and Jaipur. Our 8years of experience has allowed us to create a process that guides you step by step through the destination wedding planning. Radiance Events provides a truly unique service never seen before. We help you with everything you need for you and your guests. We are best at what we do to create a magical experience from the start to the end of your wedding. We plan elegant, stylish, glamorous, and fun celebrations for all of our couples. We take care of everything for you, ensuring you and your fiance can simply relax and enjoy the celebrations. Our aim is to ensure your destination wedding exceeds your expectations by providing excellent service and fulfill every requirement of your dream wedding. We will listen to your requirements, guide and assist you throughout the decision-making process leading up to the wedding day where you can both enjoy the wedding of your dreams with the reassurance that everything has been taken care of.

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