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Capture the magic of your wedding day with exquisite photography in Lucknow. Our talented photographers specialize in capturing candid moments and timeless portraits, ensuring every precious memory is preserved for years to come. Trust us to document your love story with artistry, passion, and attention to detail.


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The most important thing in a wedding is to photograph the bride and the groom. Every moment of our wedding is very special and rare that we get to experience only once in a lifetime. So it becomes very important to capture those moments very beautifully, so that we can get to relive those moments whenever we go through our wedding albums. Lucknow is one of the best and  royal place for destination weddings and if you are planning to celebrate your wedding in such a royal place then obviously you need the best wedding photographer to capture the greatest moments of your life as it is the most important task to be focused on initially. While creating a wedding album we tend to include different types of photoshoots.

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Pre-wedding photography

It gives you the chance to work with your photographer. The main aim of pre-wedding photography is to get used to being in front of a camera and the photographer also gets the idea of your best poses and your facial expression for candid pictures.

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Candid photography

Taking pictures when people are unaware that they are being captured. Candid photography adds life to your pictures, that is why it becomes very popular nowadays for all kinds of photoshoots from family photoshoot to friends and to even wedding photography.

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Family photography

Time we spend with family is the most precious so why not get it captured in your wedding album. Generation photoshoot is very popular in today's time and it gives a wonderful touch to your wedding album. We have top class photographers for your family photoshoot who can capture the generation gap in their very beautifully.

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Photoshoot with closest friends

Friends are the gem of our life. They make our life happening and adventurous and a photoshoot on your wedding day with such great friends would be like icing on the cake. So do not miss such a great opportunity and hire our best photographers to make your wedding more special.

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Traditional photography

An Indian wedding is considered to be incomplete without some traditional photoshoots with some traditional poses. These types of photoshoots are the life of an Indian wedding. It does not matter how modern we become but us Indians never forget the morals of our life and to follow our tradition. So a traditional photoshoot is as mandatory as other things are.

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Reportage photography

Reportage photography is the center of attention for wedding photographers nowadays as it gives a detailed description of your wedding just like a story telling. It is very trendy in today's time and recording every moment of your day is just like sugar coating in your wedding.

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First look photography

First look photography is not new in weddings but it is still trendy and people are still crazy for this photoshoot. Seeing your partner before the ceremony is very exciting. So you can hire the best photographers to capture your special moments as a bachelor. ​

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Vintage photography

Modern cameras click very sharp pictures which is common nowadays but a little touch of blurriness will give a different touch to your wedding album. So you should try to give your wedding some extra touch of old days and it will make your wedding look more royal.

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Contemporary photography

On wedding bride and groom barely get a chance to spend time together and to even see each other, that is why contemporary photography would work great by clicking some pictures alone away from the rest of people after the ceremony before getting involved in meeting guests.

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Ring ceremony photography

​Ring ceremony is the most precious moment of a wedding and can't let that go uncaptured. Exchanging ring is not just a ceremony, it is the symbol of love and who doesn't want to capture that moment in their wedding album forever.

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Reception photography

You need to hire the top most best photographers for your reception as it serves as a first step in front of relatives for the bride and groom to play their role as husband and wife. However it is the final photoshoot for your wedding but that doesn't mean that you don't have to take it as seriously as taking everything. So try to make it as best and special as your whole wedding..​

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Top 3 Best Places In Lucknow For Photoshoot

Wedding Photographers in Lucknow 13

We Are Top Wedding Photographer In Lucknow

Bara Imambara

It is one of the best historical places in Lucknow for photoshoots. You can photoshoot here before the sunrise to capture flawless photos for your wedding album.

We Are Top Wedding Photographer In Lucknow

This is probably the best place for pre-wedding photography surrounded by fountains and beautiful lightings.

Wedding Photographers in Lucknow 13
Wedding Photographers in Lucknow 13

We Are Top Wedding Photographer In Lucknow

lohia park

It is also the best place for photoshoot in the essence of nature and greenery all around.

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As being your wedding planner it is our most important responsibility to provide you the top best wedding photographer to capture the most valuable and every single moment of your wedding. You can have wonderful high quality pictures. On our website you will always be able to find a photographer that is less expensive. We only work with professional photographers who promise to capture the creative moments of your wedding. We have the top line photographers.



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