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Choosing a caterer for a wedding can be one among the many tedious tasks to make a choice on. In order to make your guests happy, you need to ensure that the snacks, desserts, beverages, and main course are very delicious. The main concern that many have is the setting up and refilling of the food on the counter for which we provide you with the service boys from our company “Radiance Events”. They ensure that refills are done and tables are set. Food holds the highest regard at any event we choose to celebrate. Apart from outdoor catering we also provide packaged meals. Our caterers have experience in catering to small as well as big gatherings while taking special care of hygiene and quality of food and affordable at the same time.

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Top Indian Cuisine for Indian Wedding

An Indian wedding is incomplete without some finger-licking food to the honourable guests. Just checkout the list of some Indian food we have made for you if you haven’t decided your menu that is to be served yet.

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Gajar Halwa

People do love innovations, but the ‘hot halwa’ has always been everyone’s favorite. This mouth-watering dish will have every guest huddling up in your wedding. For a winter wedding it would be like a match made in heaven. So add this ‘wow’ factor to your gala and make your guest super happy.

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Lucknowi Pan

Consumption of pan after meal is a traditional affair in India. This old age sweet mouth freshener is deeply relished and enjoyed from people of all age groups. There are many different varieties of pan’s that are served in weddings these days. You can also welcome your guest with a sweet pan at the entrance.

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Butter Chicken

What can be better that this! A chicken is a must in a wedding. This one must be on top when you are deciding your wedding venue. This is a simple curry loaded with butter. Your guest will love this mouth watering dish, especially those who are the slave of non-veg food

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Chaat Papdi

India is a land of tongue tickling sweet, spicy, and sour chaats. Chaat Papdi is the perfect combination of crunch and mouth-watering flavors of chutneys. Don’t forget to add this wow recipe on your wedding menu.

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Chhole Bhatoore

It is one of the popular foods of punjabi cuisine. It is almost everyone’s favourite. Only dish with no haters so why not add it to your wedding gala and make it loved by everyone.

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Zafrani Pulao

Let’s add some rice now as it is the important dish your guests are going to take on their platter. Rice is the essential part of a wedding. Zafrani Pulao is a fragrant recipe with perfect blends of traditional ingredients like dry fruits, milk, saffron, sugar and more delicious things. Your guests will simply fall in love.

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We are professionally trained on organising a best wedding. We use our own equipment, crockery, cutlery, purchased by ourselves. We are the best wedding caterers in Lucknow with happy and satisfied customers over many years. Our caterers love to find solutions customized to your taste and requirements providing something delighting and satisfying for everyone. We make your event memorable. We have a focused and dedicated team that work with the caterers so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Our most important asset is the confidence our customers entrust with us. With our many years of experience in event planning and catering service you can relax and put all responsibility for your wedding on our shoulders. Just provide us with your wedding and with our flexibility and creativity we can meet any budget goals with the great value of food and service.

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Yes you can find many pure vegetarian caterers in Lucknow. You can also tell them your own menu as well.

Yes they will bring all essentials equipment with them which includes crockery, cutlery, tableware, glassware, and serving spoons as well.

No, the wedding cake is charged separately.

There are many types of catering services available but some are very common and trendy for traditional weddings. That includes Starter, Open bar, Dinner, and Beverages.

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