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The Regnant

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Hyatt Regency

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Radisson City Center

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Parag Inn

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Hotel Silver Stone Inn

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Clarks Awadh


Shakuntala Residency

are you searching for the best wedding venue in Lucknow ?

Lucknow, the city of nawabs is also a fabulous city for  “Nawabi weddings”. Lucknow is a royal place, so weddings should also be royal here and for that, we have heritage properties as a wedding venue for your wedding to make it royal and classy.  As soon as the wedding date gets fixed the first thing that comes in mind is booking the best venue for your wedding day. Selecting your wedding venue is the first most important step for your big day. Browsing a banquet hall for your wedding can be very challenging as you have to choose among many options so let us help you to select your venue for your wedding in your budget. We have a vast range of handpicked venues including resort, banquet hall, hotel, lawn, etc. in the very lowest guaranteed price to offer our clients.

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Things to keep in mind while booking a wedding venue

You have to make sure while selecting the venue for your special day that it a big part of your budget. We are here to help you with the significant points you have to keep in mind before booking your wedding venue.

  • Venue location should be easy to reach for your guests without any difficulty. Make sure that different convenience modes are available to reach the venue.
  • The venue cost should be perfect for smooth decoration and have enough space for your guests without upsetting your budget.
  • To make your wedding stressfree make sure to choose a perfect wedding venue which provides the best in-house service

Various types of wedding venues in Lucknow

Wedding venues are of various types and each venue has it’s own specialty. Let’s discuss different types of venues for your wedding:-


If you want your wedding far away from urban life, there is no best option than a farmhouse. It is the best option for an outdoor wedding. It is deniably the best option if you want to give your wedding a personal touch.


The trend of wedding functions in the hotel gained momentum and is growing at a very rapid speed. The reason why people prefer a hotel for their wedding is because of the service they provide and to stay carefree from all aspects of the wedding planning.


In current times, resorts are the most desirable options among couples to tie the wedding knot. Resorts are mostly preferred by those couples who have their hearts on an intimate wedding in the presence of family and closest friends.

Wedding Lawn:-

If you are looking for a wide and big-air space for your wedding day then there is no better option than a wedding lawn. Browse to get the best lawn for smooth wedding decoration.

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The price per plate differs from venue to venue and on the menu you are planning to have on your wedding day

The destination wedding resorts in Lucknow, Jaipur, 

       Nainital, etc. organize amazing weddings and provide 

       many services as well.

While most buildings will have elevators. You can come 

       and visit your wedding venue before the wedding day to 

       see yourself how well these features can help your 

       wheelchair guests.

Lucknow is a heavily residential area, so you may

       be legally required to close down your party at a certain


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We provide everything from caterers to makeup artist, 

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       you need for your wedding.

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